Solidus is a unique trading firm operating at the intersection of science, technology, and global capital markets.

We are a diverse group of researchers, engineers, technologists, and financial industry experts, working together to develop and deploy sophisticated and highly performing automated trading systems, based on superior research and advanced technology.

Culture & Organization
Engaged in a challenging and ever-changing field, we foster an excellence-based, collaborative culture, which allows creative, smart, and motivated people to stand out and maximize their potential.
Why work with us?
  • 01 Challenging and rewarding environment where research and technology are key drivers to success.
  • 02 Rapidly growing firm with numerous opportunities for you to grow and make a significant impact.
  • 03 Start-up mentality, but with stability.
  • 04 Open and informal culture.
Life at Solidus
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Begin Road 132, Tel Aviv
Azrieli Towers, Square Tower 35th floor
+972 74 7024374
The Netherlands

Barbara Strozzilaan 101, Amsterdam
1083 HN

World Trade Center
6 Bayside Road, Unit 1.02
GX11 1AA